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The Problem

Thousands of legacy orphaned and abandoned oil and gas wells exist today in the state of Pennsylvania, many of them from the late 1800’s.

Orphan and abandoned oil and gas wells can have significant negative impacts on the environment through the emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses and can pose other problems for land owners and communities as well.

We are so excited to be working with the State of Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection to launch a series of pilot projects across the Keystone State, beginning in July 2021, and we have made the commitment to plug our first Orphan Well in the State of Pennsylvania by the end of August 2021, and we are just getting started!


The Well Done Foundation is teaming up with the Appalachian Legacy Project, led by a fourth generation oil & gas family from Bradford, PA who are passionate about doing it right as part of their Legacy!

Together, we are working to make a real difference #onewellatatime

Follow along with us as we kick off our Pennsylvania Projects this summer! 

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Meet Curtis, he is one of Well Done Foundation's Carbon Wildcats!

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