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Dangerous Orphans

Horse & Style Magazine interviews the WDF’s Kerri Kent about why she’s chosen to get involved in the fight against climate change.
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Abandonment Issues

The number of abandoned oil and gas wells is on the verge of exploding. These industry insiders want to be part of the solution.
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Anderson #7 Orphan Well Update

Anderson #7 Orphan Well Update October 18, 2020 Thanks to the generous support of New York Businessman, Mr. Joel Citron, the Anderson #7 Well was plugged…
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Shuck begins Well Done Foundation to help plug orphaned, abandoned wells in Montana, North Dakota, and other states

Two orphaned wells that were just plugged in Montana are the latest of seven wells plugged by the Well Done Foundation, a relatively new nonprofit that’s being led by an old, familiar face in the Bakken. Curtis Shuck, formerly manager of Red River Oil in Williston, has founded a nonprofit dedicated to plugging old and abandoned oil wells, inspired after seeing dozens of dormant oil wells while driving back and forth in Montana. Read the entire story here.
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Bozeman company plugging dormant oil wells, removing greenhouse gases

Curtis Shuck took the 250-plus mile drive from Shelby to Bozeman last August and couldn’t get the images out of his head. On his way, he passed oil wells that had been dormant for decades. After working more than 30 years in the oil and gas industry, he knew those wells were still emitting greenhouse gases. “There’s got to be a way to figure this out and put a program together,” Shuck thought to himself. “That was really the driver, seeing that and knowing that we can do better.”

Our Daily Bread…

Our Daily Bread march 10, 2020 Bet you didn’t know… that in addition to eliminating powerful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that the plugging and restoration…

Anderson #1

Anderson #1 Toole County, Montana Well Summary The Anderson #1 Oil Well in Northern Toole County, Montana was positioned at 3,530’ above Sea Level on…

Big West Anderson #3

Big West Anderson #3 toole county, Montana Well Summary The Big West Anderson #3 Oil Well is positioned at 3,541’ above Sea Level at Township…