Our Daily Bread…

Our Daily Bread march 10, 2020 Bet you didn’t know… that in addition to eliminating powerful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that the plugging and restoration of our Adopted Orphaned Oil Wells literally puts more bread on the table! Yep, one restored well’s footprint is equal to approximately 8,400 loaves to be exact, or to put […]

Anderson #1

Anderson #1 Toole County, Montana Well Summary The Anderson #1 Oil Well in Northern Toole County, Montana was positioned at 3,530’ above Sea Level on the Northeastern slope of the Kevin-Sunburst Dome at Township 35N, Range 1W, Section 29. With the Derrick erected, drilling began on August 10, 1924 and for 25 days straight was […]

Big West Anderson #3

Big West Anderson #3 toole county, Montana Well Summary The Big West Anderson #3 Oil Well is positioned at 3,541’ above Sea Level at Township 35N, Range 1W, Section 29 and was drilled to a depth of -1,532’ from the surface and completed on October 29, 1924, over 95 years ago, by the drilling contractor […]