About the Well Done Foundation

The Well Done Foundation is the brainchild of Curtis Shuck, a Montanan with three decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, who was working in the northern portion of the  state when he noticed abandoned oil wells scattered across the landscape. Since that moment, he’s made it his mission to plug these wells and restore the surface area, thereby curtailing (permanently eliminating) their carbon and methane emissions. The WDF’s pilot project is in Montana’s Golden Triangle Region, home to some of the richest soil and most productive growing acres in the United States.  And the Well Done Foundation’s plan is to plug all the orphan wells in Montana—with other states to follow, chipping away at the 3.2 million more scattered throughout the US and Canada.

Founded in 2019, the Well Done Foundation (WDF) is structured as a 501c3, relying on donations and the sale of carbon offsets (Climate Benefit Units) to fund awareness, plugging and land-resurfacing work necessitated by orphaned oil and gas wells.

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